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We believe that great ideas need great people. Great people are hard to find.

We support our customers across Real Estate & Asset Management Technology and Proptech by introducing the people that turn innovative ideas into business reality.



    We are dedicated to Real Estate & Asset Management Technology and Proptech.  We’re networkers, not salesman and we’re supporting this industry because we're just as excited about where it's going as the people building it.


    Whether evolving with the times or shaping the future of Real Estate, it is the companies with the best people that will conquer the market. 


    Our only goal is to know and introduce the highest calibre people in Real Estate & Asset Management Technology and Proptech.  We don’t take risks, we follow process.

The best hire.
Every time.

  • A
    The top 10%

    The A-Players

    The top 10%. When you need an A-Player, we will find one.

  • R
    The top 2%

    The Rockstar

    Best in class. ­Introductions that change businesses.

About Us
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We believe recruitment can be honest and effective

It's a big claim and we mean every word.  Every single thing we do is designed to help Real Estate & Asset Management Technology and Proptech companies make better quality hires and we're happy to be measured on that basis.


    We are dedicated to introducing A-Player candidates to the Real Estate Technology and Proptech community. Focusing solely on your market makes us better informed, better connected and better placed to understand the need and recognise the calibre of candidates that will drive the industry forwards.

  • A Players?

    A-Players are the top 10% in their field, they are the individuals who innovate, drive and shape the future of technology in Real Estate.  We have developed precise and proven methodologies to identify A-Players in our market.  No guess work, no sales, we just do everything we possibly can to get it right first time. 

    More About Us
  • Real Estate Technology

    We have over 10 years’ experience delivering software development, project management, information security and bespoke systems professionals to Top 20 Real Estate businesses.  Our contractors and permanent placements have delivered CRM, ERP, Property System, BCM, DR, IT Security and Business Change solutions across the industry. 

    More about Real Estate Technology

    We are the world’s first Proptech-dedicated recruitment business.  Whether disrupting traditional business models with digital solutions or carving out new markets with technology innovation - from property portals, to virtual viewings and LiFi to holographic projections and 3D printing, we will be with the industry every step of the way.

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